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Death Grips- Hustle Bones

These guys know how to do music video.

Death Grips just keep exceeding my expectations. Yet another ‘music video’ put out at a blisterring pace, this one is a staggerring 109 gif animations looped. Here is their manifesto for the project…

'It’s inspired by Mercury being in retrograde right now (until April 4, 2012). The piece is an expression of the infinite/fractal nature of every moment in time. When creating music, we are sticking/unsticking ourselves to endless time snakes—the idea that the smallest/tiniest of moments contains everything in the universe—Progress/becoming UNSTUCK.

The piece itself is a musical instrument. Our real performances are disassembled, mangled, and thrown back together in a renegade way. We recommend the “PLAY ALL” button. This is exactly how we create our art. It’s dirty, chaotic, and constantly on the brink of catastrophic failure. We encourage others to deconstruct our ideas and this piece in similar ways. We are excited about people creating their own content out of this device. It’s not about the machine itself but the process of exploration.’


Looks like it’s gonna be an insane year for hip-hop.

Out April 24, 2012 on Epic Records